Photo by Rob Migliaccio Photography

Photo by Rob Migliaccio Photography

What Is It?

This summer, UW Sailing and Sail Sand Point have partnered to make two, 5 week series for one-design dinghy classes. You can sign up for just a couple nights here and there, or sign up for the whole series (and get a 20% discount!) - all proceeds will benefit UW Sailing! All boats are welcome to sign up, however we will only run a start for a dinghy class with at least 5 boats registered. Participants are encouraged to bring their own boats but can charter an FJ or a laser through Sail Sand Point as well. The series will be competitive and fun racing and our team looks forward to seeing new and old faces on the racecourse!

How Do I Register?

The registration for the series will happen through this Google form.

How Much Does It Cost?

Please see document below for all pricing information.

How Can I See Who Is Registered & Available Charters?

Please refer to this spreadsheet to see who is registered for which dinghy class/night of the series, as well as to view available charters!

Please refer to the general info sheet below - email for any questions! Thank you!

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